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Monday 08/05/17

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Back Squat

5 x 4

  • @ 85% 1RM Back Squat
  • Complete sets on 0:00/2:00/4:00/6:00/8:00



As many reps as possible in 7 minutes

2 Muscle ups

6 Med ball sit ups (9/6)

2 Muscle ups

9 Med ball sit ups

2 Muscle ups

12 Med ball sit ups

Etc. Adding 3 Med ball sit ups per round, until time expires.


Saturday 06/05/17

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In teams of 4 complete the following for time

200 Plate Ground  to Overhead (20/15)

300 Wall Balls (9/6)

200 Toes to bar

300 Burpees

  • each team member must run a total of 1200m During the workout – this can be broken up into either 200m or 400m intervals
  • Only one person may be completing the Plate ground to overhead and Wall Balls at any one time. Team members may complete burpees and toes to bar at the same time.