Bounce Weightlifting Club

Bounce Weightlifting Club, also the home of CrossFit Bounce, is proudly owned and operated by Regan Hams and Andrea Miller, and is located in Ashmore on the Gold Coast.

We are a fully functioning Olympic Weightlifting Club and coach a wide variety of athletes. Our members include those who just love to lift and want to enjoy the well-known health benefits of weightlifting, as well as athletes from other sports, all the way through to National Champions and National Record Holders.



Why Join?

Our coaches are not only experienced weightlifting coaches, but are also accomplished weightlifters themselves.

The Bounce Weightlifting Team is passionate about and actively involved in the sport of weightlifting. Bounce uniquely offers its members highly qualified coaches with not only insight into the life of a weightlifter and athlete, but also an in-depth understanding of effective training protocol for all levels.



3 x Weightlifting Sessions

This entitles you to 3 Weightlifting sessions per calendar week. It also includes a tailored program to your needs.



Unlimited Weightlifting Sessions

This entitles you to Unlimited Weightlifting sessions per week. It also includes a tailored program to your needs.



Competition Coaching

For any lifters who need coaching for or at a weightlifting competition.



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